The ICArEHB Board of Direction

João Cascalheira


I am interested in prehistoric hunter-gatherer adaptations, specifically in how these are related to processes of climate and environmental change

Célia Gonçalves

Adaptations to Coastal environments

Mobility and Settlement, Patterns Spatial Analysis, Predictive Modelling, Geographical Information Systems

Hugo Rafael Oliveira

Emergence and Evolution of food producing societies

Plant Domestication and the Origins of Agriculture

Erich C. Fisher

History of Archaeological Science

Archaeoinformatics, Africa, Coastal Adaptations

Ana Gomes

Prehistoric behavior and dispersals in Africa

Diatom species and their ecology, Paleoenvironmental reconstructions, Geoarchaeology

Anna Rufà


Small prey taphonomy, with special attention on leporids and birds

Administration and Strategy

Godefroy Devevey

Science Strategy Officer

Funding, development, strategy and support operation.

Catarina Marques

Administration and Communication

Daily management of the Centre,.Science Communication


Alvise Barbieri


Geoarchaeology, Geomorphology, reconstruction of past landscapes and environments

Ana Avila de Melo


Archaeometallurgy, History of Archaeology

António Valera


Neolithic and Chalcolithic archaeology, funerary practices

Aurore Val


Zooarchaeology and field archaeology, prehistoric human/animal interactions

Camille Lesage


Lithic technology, techno-economy of lithic raw materials

Carlos Duarte Simões


Interactions between past human societies and the environment

Ceren Kabukcu


Archaeobotany, Palaeoecology, Palaeolithic plant use, Origins of agriculture

Cláudia Costa


Zooarchaeology and Archaeology from prehistoric complex societies

Cristina Cruz

associated researcher

Human behaviour (Ethology) and human remains from the Palaeolithic

Eduardo Paixão


Lithic Technology, use Wear, Residue analysis

Emily Hallinan


Technology and landscape use in the southern African Stone Age

Flora Schilt


Prehistoric hunter gatherers, pyrotechnology, and archaeological contexts in tropical environments

Frederico Tátá Regala


Zooarchaeology, Speleology

Gina Buckley


​​Prehistoric human mobility and migration through stable and radiogenic isotope analyses and radiocarbon dating​

João Luís Cardoso


History of Archeology, Geoarchaeology, Zooarchaeology

Li Li


Reconstructing hominin behavior from the lithic record

Lucía Cobo Sánchez


​​Hominin subsistence behaviour, taphonomic and spatial analysis of faunal remains​

Lucy Evangelista


Physical Anthropology

Maria Ana Correia


Study of human beings in a transdisciplinary framework, focusing on the study of the human past as means to understand our present and future

Maria João Martins


Paleobiology, ecosystems dynamics and evolution

Marina Évora


Osseous industry, Hunter-Gatherers, Zooarchaeology

May Murungi


Reconstructing past vegetation cover and past human-environment interactions during the Quaternary in eastern and southern Africa through phytolith analysis

Milena Carvalho


Reconstructing human ecology during the late Pleistocene in Iberia; Human responses to climatic and environmental change

Nuno Bicho

Researcher and ualg Vice-Rector for Research and culture

Paleolithic and Mesolithic: times of change and transition; and on coastal human adaptations

Patricia Monteiro


Firewood explotation during Prehistory

Paul Goldberg


Application of micromorphological techniques to the study of site formation processes at archaeological sites

Pedro Horta


Evolution of hominin adaptation and migration strategies

Ricardo Godinho


The evolution of skull form and function in fossil hominins and modern humans

Rita Dias


Zooarchaeology, Ichthyological remains and seasonality  studies

Rui Machado


Bioinformatics, big data analysis and molecular biology

Sara Rhodes


Hunter-gatherer archaeology, microvertebrates, taphonomy

Sol Sánchez-Dehesa Galán


Lithic technology, knapping learning processes, technical diversity of early hominin

Tomos Proffitt


Emergence, development and variation of the earliest technologies, experimental archaeological and primate archaeological techniques

Vera Aldeias


Geoarchaeologist interested in unravelling past human behavior from its sedimentary signatures

Associated Researchers

Ana Abrunhosa

associated researcher

Lithic Raw Materials

Carolina Mallol

associated researcher

Geoarchaeology, Microstratigraphy

Cláudia Umbelino

associated researcher

Past Cultures and Populations

Cristina Veiga-Pires

associated researcher

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Cruz Ferro-Vázquez

associated researcher

Soil science, paleoenvironmental reconstruction

Daniel Garcia Rivero

associated researcher

Evolutionary theoretical and methodological approaches to Late Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula and the Southwestern Mediterranean

Darren Fa

associated researcher

Palaeoecology and human evolution, especially linked to the exctinction of the Neanderthals

Delminda Moura

associated researcher

Coastal morphodynamics

Javier Sánchez Martínez

associated researcher

Lithic technology, diachronic changes in stone tools, Upper Paleolithic

João Marreiros

associated researcher

Early hominn technological evolution, especially how stone tools were designed

Jonathan Haws

associated researcher

Human land-use and decision-making as part of a socio-natural process

Juan Gibaja Bao

associated researcher

Lithic Technology

Katarina Almeida-Warren

associated researcher

Archaeology of non-human primates to shed light on the behaviours, technology, and culture of our earliest ancestors

Lukas Friedl

associated researcher

Human evolution, Functional morphology, Bioarcheology

Maria Simón Vallejo

associated researcher

Prehistory and archeology in the south of Iberia

Michael Benedetti

associated researcher

Geomorphology, Quaternary geology, and Paleolithic geoarchaeology

Miguel Cortés Sánchez

associated researcher

Middle and Upper Palaeolithic, Palaeolithic symbolism, Coastal adaptation

Mussa Raja

associated researcher

African archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Study of stone tools, Settlement Patterns

Pedro Gonçalves

associated researcher

Geoarchaeology, Landscape evolution

René Bobe Quinteros

associated researcher

Evolution of African ecosystems and the ecology of human origins

Robert Foley

associated researcher

Human evolutionary and behavioural ecology and its relationship to micro and macroevolutionary processes

Rosalind Gillis

associated researcher

Prehistoric animal husbandry practices, adaptations of European livestock management systems to novel environments

Ruth Taylor

associated researcher

Ceramic Analysis (Archaeology), Petrology of Ceramics and Stone Artifacts, Ceramic Petrography

Shannon McPherron

associated researcher

Human evolution from the origins of stone tool use to the spread of Homo sapiens

Susana Carvalho

associated researcher

Primatologiy, palaeoanthropology, Primate Archaeology

Tiina Manne

associated researcher

Analyses of past diets to understand people’s responses to large-scale climate, environmental and cultural change

Xavier Terradas

associated researcher

Socioeconomic strategies throughout prehistoric times

Ph.D. Students

Adriana Leite

Ph.D. Student

Ancient consumption patterns

Ana Catarina Basilio

Ph.D. Student

Chalcolithic-Bronze Age transition

Anastasia Eleftheriadou

Ph.D. Student

Computational archaeology, Geophysics, Geoinformatics

Cláudia Relvado

Ph.D. Student

Diet, health and mobility in Portuguese Neolithic / Chalcolithic populations

Daniela Maio

PH.D. Student

Analysis of mobility and settlement patterns during Middle and Upper Paleolithic using Geographic Information System (GIS)

Degsew Zerihun

Ph.D. Student

Plant and Human Culture, Paleobotany

Helena Reis

Ph.D. Student

Lithic analysis, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods

Humphrey Nyambiya

Ph.D. Student

Archaeozoology, Environmental Archaeology, Palaeoproteomics

Joana Belmiro

Ph.D. Student

Upper Paleolithic, Lithics

João Varela

PH.D. Student

Archaeology of the Paleolithic and Neolithic

Jovan Galfi

Ph.D. Student

Hunter-gatherer archaeology, Lithic technology

Miguel Soares Remiseiro

Ph.D. Student

Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition in Iberia using micromorphological and geoarchaeological methods

Nolan Ferar

Ph.D. Student

Evolution of lithic technology and knapping behaviors, and how these can shed light on cultural and cognitive evolution in the hominin lineage


Ph.D. Student

Reconstructing the environment from thousands of years ago with the use of animal fossils recovered from archaeological cave sites

Osman Karrar

Ph.D. Student

Technology, palaeogeography and landscape use in the Sudanese Stone Age

Roxane Matias

Ph.D. Student

Anthracology, Archaeobotany

Seba Sultan Mayya

PH.D. Student

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction, Human-Environment interactions

Valentina Lubrano

Ph.D. Student

Zooarchaeology and taphonomy to provide new data to discover Neanderthal behaviour

William Chase Murphree

Ph.D. Student

Sedimentary signature for late Neanderthal and Modern Human fire use in late Pleistocene Europe

Youssef Djellal

Ph.D. Student

Lithic technology, use-wear analysis on stone tools

Master Students

Judite Artur Nhanombe

Master Student

Environmental archaeology

Leonor Filipe

Master Student

Zooarcheology and Mesolithic

Patrícia Simão

Master Student

Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology

Stela Gujamo

Master Student

Archaeological heritage

Associated Students

André Santana

Associated Student

Geoarchaeology, Microarchaeology, Pyrotechnology

David Nora

Associated Student

Paleolithic archaeology, understanding how different raw materials influence human decision-making

Elena Skosey-LaLonde

Associated Student

Stable Isotopes, Geochemistry, Geoarchaeology

Grace Ellis

Associated Student

Landscape archaeology, ancient land use practices, and human-environment interactions in the precolumbian tropics and paleolithic Portugal

Leandro Infantini

Associated Student

Underwater Archaeology and Geographic Information System in Archaeology (GIS)

Lino André

Associated Student

Personal adornments from the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic contexts

Sofia Fonseca

Associated Student

African Archaeology, Cultural cooperation, Heritage