“SPIN – Species by Proteome INvestigation”

New article published by P.L. Rüther, M. Carvalho, R.M. Godinho, L. Friedl, J. Cascalheira, M.M.. Benedetti, J. Haws, N. Bicho, et al.

Genetic species determination has become an indispensable tool in forensics, archaeology, ecology, and food authentication. The available methods are either suited for detecting a single taxon across many samples or for screening a wide range of species across a few samples. Here, we introduce “Species by Proteome INvestigation” (SPIN), a proteomics workflow capable of querying over 150 mammalian species in 7.2 minutes of mass spectrometry (MS) analysis. Streamlined and automated sample preparation by protein aggregation capture, high-speed chromatography and data-independent acquisition, and a confident species inference algorithm facilitate processing hundreds of samples per day. We demonstrate the correct classification of known references, reproducible species identification in degraded Iron-Age material from Scandinavia, and test the limits of our methods with Middle and Upper Palaeolithic bones from Southern European sites with late Neanderthal occupation. While this initial study is focused on modern and archaeological mammalian bone, SPIN will be open and expandable with other biological tissues and taxa.

Full article: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.02.23.432520v1.full


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