Based on the ICArEHB’s interdisciplinary areas of expertise, we can provide a wide range of services to: (i) public institutions; (ii) academic and scientific communities; (iii) companies; and (iv) to the general public. We offer a wide range of analytical and consulting services presented below. For further information and quotes please contact the responsible for each service.

Archaeological Field Work
Our field work services include consulting and project implementation for survey, testing and excavation of archaeological sites, execution of a comprehensive range of actions within preventive archaeology and Cultural Resource Management.
Archaeological Materials
We can provide several different services in the context of archaeological materials analysis, preservation and reporting.
We provide services of Geoarchaeology, particularly formation processes of archaeological sites and their implications.
GIS & 3D modeling
ICArEHB provides a diverse range of services regarding the acquisition and analysis of archaeological spatial data, both in the field and in the laboratory.
This service can be required for archeobotanical remains identification, diatom identification, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, characterization and monitoring of modern environments.
Our analysis includes vertebrate and invertebrate identification, comparing faunal remains with reference and comparative collections.