Susana Carvalho

Associated Researcher, ICArEHB

Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab
University of Oxford
64 Banbury Road
United Kingdom

Centre for Functional Ecology
University of Coimbra

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4542-3720

Research Interests

Susana Carvalho’s current funded projects include tackling the environmental andbehavioural contexts of the earliest tool users in the Koobi Fora formation, Kenya (funded by N.S.F., with D.R. Braun); investigating human origins and adaptations in complex environments with the Paleo-Primate Project Gorongosa, Mozambique (funded by the John Fell Fund, National Geographic Society, and Gorongosa Restoration Project); and testing hypotheses for how technological-related behaviours emerged in hominin evolution via using wild chimpanzees as models, e.g. the project ‘Stones on the move: the real life of a chimpanzee tool’, funded by the National Geographic Society. Researchers in Susana’s new lab ‘Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution’ conduct a broad variety of exciting studies on the evolution of human behaviourusing extant primates as models (e.g. cumulative culture in non-human primates; primate behavioural responses to shifts in predation pressures; automated approaches to find fossil sites, etc.).

Short Bio

Carvalho is a primatologist and palaeoanthropologist. She is an Associate Professor of Paleoanthropology and Fellow at St. Hugh’s College. She has been one of main founders of the field of Primate Archaeology. She has been studying stone tool use by wild chimpanzees in Bossou, Guinea, West Africa, since 2006, and carries archaeological research in the Koobi Fora area, Kenya, East Africa since 2008, with a current focus on the archaeology of the Pliocene. She is the director of the Paleo-Primate Project Gorongosa since 2015, where an international team of 20 senior researchers is carrying an unprecedented interdisciplinary approach to understanding hominin origins and adaptations.