Press Kit

Graphic marks

The visual identity of ICArEHB is the set of graphical elements that, in a systematized and structural form, identifies, differentiates and represents the centre. Our logo is one of the main elements for our communication and identity projection, since it is presented in our contact with all the different audiences. It was in this context that the ICArEHB logo was designed, in order to meet all the requirements of good practices in institutional identification and respond to ICArEHB´s values in communication strategies.

Our logo is composed of a symbol and a typographic component (based on an existing typography – Trajan Pro) that in any circunstances should be used separately. The logo is constituded by three hands, whose concept lies in the representation of the three initial groups and their respectives synergies. The hand is also one of the more representative hallmarks of human evolution and, thus, it represents well the mission and goals of ICArEHB.

Below, there are four downloadable files of the three different versions of the ICArEHB logo. The folders contain both vector (.ai) and raster files (.jpg and .png), and colored, grayscale, and white-on-black versions of each variation.