The 2020 edition of the Augusto Botelho da Costa Veiga Award, from the Portuguese History Academy, awarded the prize to the book “Outeiro Redondo – Sesimbra, Escavações 2005-2016” authored by João Luís Cardoso, researcher at ICArEHB and responsible for the research line in History of Archaeological Science.

Outeiro Redondo, considered one of the most important Calcolithic archaeological sites in the Setúbal Peninsula, has been the target of several archaeological campaigns in recent years, which have revealed the structures and stratigraphy of the village and the various archaeological materials that have been recovered. The results obtained reinforce the scientific and patrimonial importance of the archaeological site, as they allowed to evidence the extension of the wall surrounding the entire elevation, delimiting an intramural space where abundant testimonies of domestic activities were found, represented by housing structures of various types, some related to copper metallurgy, which has been well documented since the beginning of human presence in the place, dating back to the end of the initial chalcolithic of the Portuguese Estremadura, c. 2500 years BC.



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