FUNDING INSTITUTIONNational Geographic Society
John Fell Fund, Oxford University
The Leverhulme Trust
Gorongosa Restoration Project
Portugal, Spain

Project Description.

Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, represents the last unstudied link in the great African Rift that runs across eastern Africa, wherein lie the “cradles of humankind”. Preliminary research conducted in 2016 confirms that the Gorongosa Rift Valley bears new fossil sites, and provides astounding ecological diversity as a setting within which to investigate primate evolution, both past and present. The project’s components seek to shed light into the origins and evolutionary success of the human lineage. This is the first project in human evolution where primatologists, palaeontologists, geologists, archaeologists and ecologists work daily side-byside, collecting data that converge on an overarching goal.