Yesterday, ICArEHB organized a visit to Lapa do Picareiro, an exciting archaeological site in Portugal where the 2023 fieldwork campaign has been taking place since mid-June.

Lapa do Picareiro is a large cave located in the Serra d’Aire, and was first identified and excavated in the late 1950s.

It was later clear that the cave had been occupied by Palaeolithic people, after analysis of lithic pieces from a stratigraphic profile located inside and the presence of charcoal, stone tools, among others. Since then, Lapa do Picareiro has been the target of several archaeological interventions, coordinated by N. Bicho and J. Haws.

Highlights include the identification of chipped stone artifacts from the Middle and Upper Paleolithic, as well as very rich and well-preserved faunal assemblages.

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