Knowledge about past diets and human-environmental interactions is crucial for understanding the evolution of the human species and its behaviours, societies and cultures.

The Paleo-Environmental and Diet Laboratory provides a platform for the preparation of samples to characterize past diets, understand the evolution of organisms and their dynamics with human populations, and reconstruct past environmental changes.

In PaleoED we are able to prepare samples for geochemical analyses (e.g., stable carbon, nitrogen and oxygen isotopes in animal, human and sediment samples), molecular biological analysis (e.g., DNA extractions from plant tissues and preparation of genomic samples for next-generation-sequencing) and paleontological analysis (e.g., diatom, ostracode and molluscs analysis).


Equipment Model Name brand Specifics 
Vortex shaker VV3 VWR 
Dremel 4250 Dremel 
Centrifuge 5420 Eppendorf 
Electronic precision balance SE 2201 VWR Max: 2200g ± 0.1g 
Electronic precision balance LPWG-423 VWR Max: 420g ± 1 mg 
Fridge RL475N4BC2 Hisense 
Chest freezer 418L A+ BCF3900N BECKER 
Elmasonic Lab Technology Ultrasonic Unit S 50R Elma 
Standard analog shaker STD 1000 230V VWR 
Safety shower 4230CA Carlos Arboles S.A. 
Hot plate/Stirring hot plate VMS-C4 ADVANCED S040 VWR 
Freezer dryer 8L 50ºC Maldral Scientific 
Merit water still W4000 Stuart  

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