ICArEHB has a well-defined organizational structure to ensure effective functioning and collaboration among its various components. The structure encompasses six key bodies,that include:

  • The Director, elected every 4 years by and from the Scientific Committee, holds the overall responsibility for guiding the center’s strategic direction, overseeing its operations, and ensuring the fulfillment of its mission and goals.
  • The Coordinating Committee, comprises the director and research group coordinators. This committee is responsible to manage and coordinate the center’s activities.
  • The Scientific Committee is composed off all Ph.D. holders in ICArEHB, and is responsible for electing both the Director and the Research Theme coordinators, as well as define and approve any internal rules.
  • The External Advisory Board, consisting of 3 esteemed individuals from academia who provide independent advice and guidance to ICArEHB. These external experts bring valuable perspectives, helping the center align its research activities with real-world needs and trends.
  • The Strategy and Implementation Office, responsible for formulating and implementing most of the research center’s strategic plans. This office identifies emerging research trends, assesses funding opportunities, monitors the progress of research and help with outreach activities.
Organizational Chart of ICArEHB