We investigate human evolution, the paleobiology of past human populations, and human and animal interactions throughout time.

The lab is equipped with conventional and digital equipment. We are actively building our Zooarchaeological comparative collection with specimens from Iberia, Central and Western Europe and Southern Africa. A database of the available specimens can be found here. Comparative anatomy atlases and digital databases of specimen images are also available upon request.

3D surface scannerEinscan Pro 2X Plus
3D scanning softwareEXScan Pro
3D visualization and analysis softwareAmira 3D Pro
Geometric Morphometrics softwareEvan
Cephalometric and Geometric Morphometrics softwaredHAL Viewbox
Casts for human age at death estimationSuchey-Brooks and Iscan-Loth age estimation casts
Digital spreading callipersMitutoyo 150mm
Magnifying glass with lightEDM
Digital scales

OAL uses conventional and digital methods including:

To visit the OAL or use the comparative collection please contact Dr. Cláudia Costa (cmcosta@ualg.pt) or Ricardo Miguel Godinho (rmgodinho@ualg.pt).