Productions, technical variability and technological innovation in the Neolithic

La Draga, Spain
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Technological innovations inherent to the development of Neolithic economy will be dealt. These changes will be faced from the point of view of the circulation of raw materials, products and ideas among the first farming communities stablished at the North-eastern of Iberia. So, we will focus mainly on the technical productions implemented by the communities settled in the Early Neolithic site of La Draga (5300-4900 cal BC), located in Lake Banyoles (NE Spain). All these productions will be studied from different perspectives concerning the strategies developed for subsistence, regarding the management of resources for the procurement of raw materials as well as the activities related to their transformation into tools and utensils. The pattern of consumption of these goods will be likewise analysed, studying their function, effectiveness, durability, amortization and eventual recycling. We will try to reconstruct the spatial dynamics, whether at a macro-spatial (from the sources to the places where their consumption took place, reconstructing the economic organization of subsistence activities) or micro-spatial scale (within the settled spaces, showing the internal organization of settlements). This way we intend to stablish the designs, traditions and technical skills apprehended from the study of the assemblages, determining the degree of specialization achieved.


Xavier Terradas


Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Competitividad