MicroAsh – Pyrotechnologies of Middle and Later Stone Age foragers in central Africa: a micro-contextual approach

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A closer look at humanity´s early use of fires Humans leapfrogged the technological evolution process when they learned how to produce and control fire. However, relatively little is known about the rise of early pyrotechnology. The EU-funded MicroAsh project will reconstruct Middle and Later Stone Age pyrotechnology variability focusing on three closed-space rockshelters in Kasitu Valley in Malawi and characterize ashes, the main sedimentary components at these sites. The project will apply geoarchaeological techniques to study site formation processes, fire use and paleoenvironment relationship, variability in fire use for ritual and subsistence purposes through time, and site-use intensity. MicroAsh will also create open experimental datasets on characterized ashes. Find out more about MicroAsh at  
FUNDING INSTITUTION EUROPEAN UNION H2020 RESEARCH AND INNOVATION PROGRAMME under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 101032025
DURATION 2021-2023