The impact of cognitive evolution in the use of raw materials

The cases of Iberian and southern African prehistoric hunter-gatherers
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I investigate the impact of modern human behavior in the management of lithic raw materials. For that, I map raw materials outcrops and compare Middle Paleolithic against Upper Paleolithic assemblages from Iberia and Middle Stone Age against Late Stone Age assemblages. I focus primarily coastal areas because it is believed that was the consumption of marine resources rich in Omega 3 and 6 what boosted human brain to its present evolutionary stage. My approach has 3 lines of research: raw material survey, artifact analysis and replication of ancient tools and their use in actions seen among modern hunter-gatherers, but using mechanical devices. My goal is to reduce the subjectivity of handmade experimental studies. With that, I intend to create a solid base to understand why premodern humans and modern humans used the lithic raw materials as they did and, with that, shade light in how that relates with the evolution of human cognition.


Telmo Pereira


Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (IF/01075/2013)


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