Prehistoric Archaeology THinktank – PATH


Understanding the evolution of human behaviour and societies is complex, and to achieve more significant perspectives it is often necessary to transcend the limits of our datasets, experiments, and theories. The aim of the PATH is to foster collaborative work to break the current state of knowledge and allow the emergence of new perspectives and conclusions, as can be done in scientific synthesis. The PATH participants will meet, virtually and in Faro, to reflect and produce results that transcend their individual talents, skills, and expertise. Together, they will produce outstanding outputs, typically under the form of a special issue and a white paper, and/or co-authored referenced syntheses. Applications to third-party, outreach actions, policy briefings are also valued outputs.


Each PATH is led by one to three experienced researchers (the organizers, with at least one being associated or integrated member of ICArEHB) who can invite a total of 10 to 20 researchers at different career stages, and preferably from different fields. The proposed PATH will take place over one year with at least two meetings of 4-5 days for intense collaborative sessions, one virtual and one in Faro. The working groups integrate multiple sources of data and different perspectives to generate explanatory insights that are impossible to achieve through the study of a single case or from a single perspective. However, all participants of the PATH do not have to contribute to all outputs; it is natural that the PATH is divided in several groups or working groups for the different tasks and objectives. Organizers will receive information on group dynamic management. Some outputs should be planned to be delivered within one year. Each PATH is initially for one year, with possibility of renewal for an extra year depending on quality and quantity of research outputs, potential for further outputs and budget availability.

To apply, download and fill in the template of pre-application and send it to before Thursday 1st July 17:00 (Faro time). There will be two PATHs launched in 2022 and two PATHs launched in 2023. The PATHs selected for 2022 could begin in November 2021.

For more general inquiries, please contact Godefroy Devevey at

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