Fast Output in Frontier Archaeology – FOFA

Do you have a nice paper in mind but to make it happen you need to meet with your collaborators for couple days to brainstorm and write your paper without distractions? FOFA can help you!


The objective of the FOFA is to allow small collaborative team to meet in Faro to work with the perspective of an immediateoriginal, and outstanding publication that would not be produced otherwise. The team (2-5 people) must have a clear and feasible output in perspective such as (but not restricted to) a review paper, a metanalysis, an opinion, a reply, or a theoretical paper.


All ICArEHB members can apply at any time and as often as necessary by filling this template (max 2 pages) and addressing it to Each request will be evaluated within 3 weeks based on its scientific significance (40%), the feasibility to reach the expected output (30%), the impact for the researchers (20%) and the impact for ICArEHB (10%).

Applications must be submitted at least 2 months before the planned date.

For more general inquiries, please contact Godefroy Devevey at