ICARhub is the new ICArEHB framework program for 2021-2023. It brings a set of four instruments that will advance and develop frontier research in prehistoric archaeology and paleoanthropology. It is envisioned as an incubator of ideas, approaches, tools, and skills to actively participate in the advancement of knowledge. Our ambition is to connect scholars, schools of thought, and institutions to foster the emergence of new ideas and produce knowledge and skills that will have a strong impact on our understanding of prehistory.

It includes four “instruments” that have different objectives. See below and click for more details.

Training in frontier archaeology – TIFA
Apply to training and request new training

Archaeology is a fast-moving science that is interdisciplinary by nature, and thus require that researchers regularly develop new knowledge and skills with new training prospects. With the TIFA, ICArEHB proposes trainings open to the whole community of archaeologists – designed by the members of ICArEHB. Check here for more info.

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ICArEHB Sabbatical Award – ISA
Call permanently open to externals

Our creativity and productivity are enhanced by movement and novelty. ICArEHB will provide you with vibrant but calm intellectual environment to spend your sabbaticals and accomplish your projects.

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Fast Output in Frontier Archaeology – FOFA
Call permanently open to ICArEHB members

Sometimes we just need a few days of intensive work with a couple colleagues to elaborate a milestone paper. The FOFA is the right opportunity for you.

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Prehistoric Archaeology THinktank – PATH
Call deadline on July 1st

The aim of the PATH is to foster collaborative work that exploits the emerging properties of existing data, evidence, and theories. By combining different and novel approaches we can break the current state of knowledge, generating new research questions and avenues, thus creating turning points in prehistoric archaeological knowledge.

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