ICArEHB in event dedicated to Archeology of Agriculture

ICArEHB’s Hugo Oliveira will participate on the event “Ploughing the Earth: Archeology of Agriculture (from the Neolithic to the Medieval Period)” next saturday, with a presentation dedicated to “Genomic analysis of traditional and wild varieties reveals the history of wheat cultivation in Eurasia and Africa”.

This is an initiative of the Municipality of Palmela that has the support of CIDEHUS – Interdisciplinary Center for History, Cultures and Societies of the University of Évora, the Archaeological Field of Mértola/Center for Studies in Archeology, Arts and Sciences of Heritage and of FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology.

The program is structured in seven thematic sessions: “Organizing and managing the agricultural territory”, “The water the land needs: abstraction, distribution and management”, “Cultivate, harvest, conserve: materials and technologies”, “Transform and consume the products of the land”, “Domestication of plant and animal species”, “Spaces of life and death of peasant communities” and “Representations and symbolism”.

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