The Estácio da Veiga Prize intends to distinguish, annually, the best MA dissertation work in Prehistory and Human Evolution (done by a Portuguese student or a foreign student in a Portuguese institution), within the scope of the interdisciplinarity of Archeology and other sciences such as Anthropology, Primatology, and Paleoanthropology. The prize consists of the payment of tuition fees for the Ph.D. in Archeology at the University of Algarve.

The 2019 edition winner is Dr. Pedro Horta with the thesis “Tecnologia e funcionalidade das peças esquiroladas do Paleolítico Superior de Vale Boi, Vila do Bispo”, whose main results were already published in Volume 2 of the Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology (available here).

For his Ph.D., Dr. Horta will continue to study the role of bipolar lithic technology in the adaptation of the first Modern Humans in Europe.

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