New Article by Goldberg, P., Rhodes, S. E., & Chazan, M., in Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology.

Wonderwerk Cave, located in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, is a rare cave site with a sequence of Acheulean occupation that is derived from activity within the cave rather than via avens. Building on previous publication of the sedimentary context for the Acheulean sequence based on the North Profile of Excavation 1 at Wonderwerk Cave, we present here new observations based on micromorphological analysis of the Southern Profile of Excavation 1 and the Acheulean component of Excavation 2, along with preliminary observations on the context of artifact deposition based on renewed high-precision excavation. The results largely support earlier observations including the low density of artifacts, the aeolian contribution to the sediments, and the absence of water transport within the cave. New observations are primarily the presence of a significant component of rhizoliths in the South Profile that appear to be the result of the penetration of roots into the cave from the surface of the hill. This study adds significantly to our understanding of site formation processes and hominin activity during the Acheulean at the front of the cave. However, these remain limited windows into a much larger system that will require continued investigation.

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