FCT PhD Fellowships 2024

Do you want to pursue a PhD in archaeology to study prehistory or primate archaeology?

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) announced a national call for fellowships aimed at financial support of PhD candidates, with a deadline fixed to the 15th of April 2024.

ICArEHB, with its extensive experience, has hosted numerous fellowships funded by FCT and is actively seeking candidates for this program.

If you are interested in prehistoric and/or primate archaeology and want to develop your research with an ICArEHB researcher, please find below a list of potential themes and supervisors. If you find one that interests you, please contact the potential supervisor directly.

Possible themes of researchMain supervisor
Coastal Populations and the Spread of Agriculture: microscopic and molecular evidence from archaeological shell middens and soilsCarlos Duarte Simões
Plant use practices during the development of farming in Southeast AnatoliaCeren Kabukcu
Project ‘NAI-FA’ investigates symbolic significance of domestic animals in Iberian Early Neolithic, utilizing Anatolian Neolithic sites as multiproxy. A PhD grant is available for isotopic analysis of human and animal remains.Cláudia Costa
Investigating Neanderthal stone tool use during the Late Middle Paleolithic in Central and Eastern EuropeJoão Marreiros
Dental microwear in modern diets: a framework for archaeological dataMaria Ana Correia
Diet assessment through dental microwear in the Portuguese Mesolithic-NeolithicMaria Ana Correia
Isotopic and Bioanthropological analyses of Eira Pedrinha (Neolithic-Chalcolithic)Maria Ana Correia
Faunal analysis of late Pleistocene mammals in southeastern AfricaRené Bobe
Paleoecology of Miocene mammals in eastern AfricaRené Bobe
Taxonomy of Miocene mammals from Gorongosa National ParkRené Bobe
Depositional environments and micromorphology of a Miocene bonebed in the East African Rift ValleySusana Carvalho
Feeding ecology of living primates in Gorongosa National ParkSusana Carvalho
Primate models for the origins of bipedalism and predatory behaviourSusana Carvalho
Investigating the Significance of Bipolar Technology in the Evolution of Stone Tools: A Comprehensive ExplorationTomos Proffitt
Exploring the geochemistry and mineralogy behind DNA taphonomy in archaeological settingsVera Aldeias
No specific topic has been chosen yet, but available to serve as supervisorAlvise Barbieri
No specific topic has been chosen yet, but available to serve as supervisorAnna Rufà
Available to serve as supervisor for other topics Tomos Proffitt

The FCT call will be open to candidates of every nationality. However, if your bachelor and master degrees were not issued by Portuguese institutions, your degrees must have been recognised and graded according to the Portuguese norms before the 15th of April 2024. If you did not obtain the degree recognition yet, find more information here.

If you have any questions please contact icarehb@ualg.pt.