ICArEHB Dialogues

ICArEHB researchers focus on uncovering human stories from the beginnings of our species to the emergence of complex societies. The ICArEHB Dialogues series was designed to represent the breadth of research that the centre covers and to engage researchers and the public from across the world with the research of leading experts, whose work falls within ICArEHB's research agenda and themes. We hope that this seminar series inspires dialogues about the nature of human cultural and biological evolution. The subject of our inaugural series is 'Origins of... ' .

We have invited eight researchers, whose interests range from early human evolution to the more recent development of complex societies. Each session will feature an invited guest and a member of ICArEHB, aiming to stimulate a dialogue between researchers and provide a chance for the research community and public to join the conversation on important topics in human origins.

Next event

Next Event will be 'Origins of Human Behaviour' , on April 23rd, with Robert Foley and Susana Carvalho, and convened by Ricardo Godinho . This Dialogue will be online, via Zoom, and the link for participation will be sent after registration.

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