ICArEHB Dialogues

To foster meaningful discussions about our present and future, it is crucial we draw upon our shared knowledge of our past through interdisciplinary dialogue. In the 2023 Dialogues edition, we invite both academics and the public to join us and three expert speakers in reflecting on the question:

What if you had a time machine to change the world?

In the new ICArEHB Dialogues structure three expert speakers will meet to share and debate their ideas and opinions as well as the most up-to-date scientific research on a topic relevant to today’s society. These speakers include an ICArEHB researcher, a world-leading expert in archaeology, and a third expert in a different but related field.

Each 90 min Dialogues event will be live-streamed for registered viewers and shared via the ICArEHB YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

More info and registrations here:
2023 Edition: Humanity and Climate Change: October 17th 2023

Dr. Ceren Kabukcu  (ICArEHB)
Prof. Axel Timmerman (IBS Center for Climate Physics, Pusan National University)
Prof. Kate Britton (University of Aberdeen)

Dr. Sara E. Rhodes

Organizing Committee
Anna Rufà, Carlos Duarte Simões and Sara Rhodes.

Previous Editions

In the first two editions of ICArEHB Dialogues, this seminar series inspired dialogue among the international archaeological community on the nature of human cultural and biological evolution. With an audience spanning 10 countries and more than 300 average zoom members, ICArEHB Dialogues has successfully positioned itself as one of the most influential lecture series of its type. Dialogues has brought international recognition of the innovative geographically and temporally extensive research being conducted here at the University of Algarve. The first two editions were exclusively online and composed by series of four events under an overarching theme.

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