The Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior (ICArEHB) at the Universidade do Algarve, has an open a call for a PostDoc Fellowship position within the project PTDC/HAR-ARQ/0131/2020 – Diaspora – As primeiras migrações humanas no vale do Nilo: a região de Kerma durante o MSA, funded by PTDC da FCT with the following conditions:

Research Field:Archaeology

Admission Requirements: PhD in Archaeology or related disciplines preferably specializing in geoarchaeology or lithic analysis and archaeological field experience in Pleistocene African archaeology.

Work Plan: Field work and analysis of (geo)archaeological materials from the Kerma region, Sudan.

Applicable Legislation and regulations: Statute of Scientific Research Fellow, approved by the Law nº 40/2004, from 18 of August, conferred by the Decree Law 123/2019, from July 28th and University Of Algarve’s Research Grants Regulation and the Regulation for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology.

Working place: The work will be developed at ICArEHB from the University of Algarve, under the supervision of Nuno Bicho.

Duration of the grant: The fellowship will have a contract of 12 months duration, beginning on march 1st, 2023, renewable for equal periods until the end of the project (

Value of monthly maintenance allowance: The monthly maintenance allowance corresponds to 1686,00 euros. The maintenance allowance will be paid monthly by bank transfer (

Deadline for applications and submission forms: the call is open from 16/01/2023 to 30/01/2023.

For more info please visit: