Wenner-Gren Foundation funds excavations in new Middle and Late Stone Age sites in southern Mozambique

 A new project , leaded by ICArEHB director Dr. Nuno Bicho, has been funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation to carry out testing and excavations at the Middle and Late Stone Age sites in the Machampane valley (Massingir), in the Limpopo river basin (southern Mozambique). Mozambique is an ideal region to study modern human origins since it is located between East Africa where the earliest AMH fossils have been found and Southern Africa where the earliest finds for modern human cognition were discovered.
Previous research by the team since 2011 demonstrated that the Massingir region has deposits with abundant Early, Middle and Late Stone Age sites that have never been excavated. During 2015-17 the team carried out survey in the Machampane river gorge and located a series of caves and rockshelters as well as open-air sites. One of the most important locations is Txina Txina with a Middle and Late Stone Age rockshelter and an open air Late Stone Age location. The latter has a two meter long sequence marked by thousands of lithic artifacts, shell, bones, ostrich egg shell, and beads, dated to starting at c. 33 thousand years ago.
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