Elena Skosey-LaLonde

Doctoral Student

University of Connecticut
354 Mansfield RD, Unit 1176
Beach Hall
Storrs, CT 06269-1176
United States


Research Interests

• Stable Isotopes
• Geochemistry
• Geoarchaeology
• Paleontology
• Paleoanthropology
• Geology
• Petrology
• Minerology

Short Bio

 Maritime history, Indian Ocean World, Indian Ocean Monsoon Intensification, Holocene, Archaeology, Coastal Adaptation, Shell middens, Agriculture, Fishing, Iron Age, Bantu Expansion, Mozambique, East Africa and the Swahili Coast

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Key Publications

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., Ristau, R., Gomes, A., Hartman, G., 2021. Interpreting geochemical data in archaeological context; a case for interdisciplinary methodology in paleoclimate and site formation research. SciX ART01 Student research in Archaeological Chemistry.

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., 2021. Coastal climate in southern Mozambique and its potential impact on Iron Age coastal resources exploitation. University of Connecticut and Stony Brook University Virtual Archaeological Seminar Series Speaker and Panelist.

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., Raja, M., Hartman, G., Bicho, N., Gomes, A., 2021. Paleoenvironmental conditions of Holocene southern Mozambique; multi-proxy data from coastal lake Nyalonzelwe cores. Past and Present Implications of Environment and Climate. 86th Congress of the Society for American Archaeology, San Francisco, CA.

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., 2021. An interdisciplinary approach to interpreting cultural spread along the Mozambique coast: a review and novel research. Lighting Round Discussant in session: An Ocean of Connections: Tangible and Intangible Exchanges in the Indian Ocean World. 86th Congress of the Society for American Archaeology, San Francisco, CA.

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., Gomes, A., Martins, M., Connor, S., Raja, M., Zinsious, B., Matias, R., Mawelele, R., Haws, J., Moura, D., Hartman, G., Gonçlaves, C., Cascalheira, J., Oliveira, S., Fernandes, P., Costas, S., Bicho, N., 2020. Biogeochemical analysis of newly dated lacustrine cores: a first look at Quaternary paleoenvironment in coastal Mozambique. SSP1.9 – Integrating stratigraphy, sedimentology, palaeontology and paleoclimate in human evolution and dispersal studies – from early hominins to the Holocene. European Geological Union Congress, Vienna, Austria.

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., Hartman, G., 2020. Experimental evidence for chemical and structural alteration of bone carbonate-apatite crystals during diagenesis using S-TEM EDS and FT-IR analyses. Paleoanthropology Society Congress. Los Angeles, CA, USA. – CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

• Skosey-LaLonde, E., Reeves, J., Douglas, M., Braun, D., Ndiema, E., 2019. A Characterization of Site Formation Processes at FxJj34. Society for American Archaeology 84th Congress Presentation.

• Skosey-LaLonde, E.,Gomes, A., Zinsious, B., Raja, M., Bicho, N., Haws, J., 2018. Survey of raw material sources in the machampane river valley, Massingir Mozambique: preliminary geochemical analysis. Union Inertationale des Sciences Prehistoriques et Protohistoriques, XVIII Congress Presentation. sciencesconf.org:uispp2018:177460.


• Gomes, A. Skosey-LaLonde, E., Zinsious, B., Gonçalves, C., Bicho, N., Raja, M., Cascalheira, J. and Haws, J. (2017). Environmental changes on the Mozambican coast, during the Holocene. In A. Gomes, C. Gonçalves, L. André, N. Bicho and T. Boski (eds.), Changes in environmental systems and their time scales [Abstract Book of the IX Iberian Quaternary Meeting, 19-23 October, Faro, Universidade do Algarve]: 165-166. Faro: ICArEHB & CIMA.  Link

• Bicho, N., Cascalheira, J., Haws, J., Gonçalves, C., Raja, M., André, L., Benedetti, M., Gomes, A., Carvalho, M., Zinsious, B., Benedetti, I. and Skosey-LaLonde, E. (2017). The Txina-Txina Later Stone Age site, Limpopo River basin, Mozambique. In A. Gomes, C. Gonçalves, L. André, N. Bicho and T. Boski (eds.), Changes in environmental systems and their time scales [Abstract Book of the IX Iberian Quaternary Meeting, 19-23 October, Faro,
Universidade do Algarve]: 24-25. Faro: ICArEHB & CIMA.  Link

• Gomes, A., Skosey-LaLonde, E., Zinsious, B., Gonçalves, C., Bicho, N., Raja, M., Cascalheira, J. and Haws, J. (2017). Diatoms from Mozambique: a tool for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and to understand human evolution. In Abstract Book: Past Global Changes, 5th Open Science Meeting “Global Challenges for our Common Future: a Paleoscience perspective”, Zaragoza, Spain: 250.  Link

• Gomes, A., Skosey-LaLonde, E., Zinsious, B., Gonçalves, C., Bicho, N., Raja, M., Cascalheira, J. and Haws, J. (2017). Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions on the Mozambique coast as a tool to understand human evolution: from modern analogues to borehole interpretation. In European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 19, EGU2017-8548.  Link

• Haws, J., Benedetti, M., Bicho, N., Gonçalves, C., Cascalheira, J., Raja, M., Zinsious, B., Carvalho, M., Skosey-LaLonde, E., Benedetti, I., Marreiros, J., Pereira, T. and Gomes, A. (2016). Stone Age Archaeology and Quaternary Landscapes in Southern Mozambique. Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 48, No. 7.  Link

• Gomes, A., Haws, J., Bicho, N., Gonçalves, C., Cascalheira, J., Zinsious, B., Skosey-LaLonde, E., Benedetti, I., Benedetti, M., Carvalho, M. and Raja, M. (2016). The Stone Age in Vilankulos: Investigation of the origin of Modern Human south of Save River, Mozambique. III Show of Science and Technology Projects, Tavira.


• 2017: Developing a Lithostratigraphic Profile of Triangle Pond, San Salvador, Bahamas. Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA, and the Gerace Research Center, San Salvador, Bahamas.
• 2016: Assessing Southern Hemisphere behavior of the Indo-Pacific tropical rain belt during the late Holocene through stable isotope and U-Th analysis of a tropical Western Australian stalagmite,” in partial fulfillment of an Undergraduate Honor Thesis in Geology, Cornell College Department of Geology, Mt. Vernon, IA.
• Since 2016: Stone Age Vilankulos: Modern Human Origins Research south of the Rio Save, Mozambique. Gomes, A., Haws, J., Bicho, N. F., Cascalheira, J., Benedetti, M. M., Goncalves, C., Zinsious, B. K., Skosey-LaLonde, E., Carvalho, M. M., Pereira, T., from the Universidade do Algarve, University of Louisville, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Cornell College, University of New Mexico.
• 2016: 17 Years on a Beach. Presented at Cornell College Student Symposium, Mt. Vernon, IA.