GIS and 3D modeling

ICArEHB provides a diverse range of services regarding the acquisition and analysis of archaeological spatial data, both in the field and in the laboratory. Our facilities are equipped with top-end hardware and software (see list here) to provide the following services:

  • Field recording of geographical/topographical data, including total station mapping and GPS data
  • Field collection of photogrammetric data from archaeological or other heritage-related contexts
  • Digital spatial database creation, implementation and maintenance for archaeological excavations and survey
  • Map creation
  • Georeferencing and digital vectorization of maps, drawings and photos
  • GIS spatial analyses, including density studies, visibility analysis, and many others
  • 3D capture (photogrammetry or laser scan) of archaeological artifacts or any other heritage-related objects


Please contact Dr. Célia Gonçalves ( for more information and quotes.