ICArEHB provides services of Geoarchaeology, particularly formation processes of archaeological sites and their implications for the understanding of:

  • the integrity of archaeological assemblages;
  • the characterization of microenvironments occupied by past humans;
  • the nature and behavioural implications of human-made deposits.


Available techniques

  • Stratigraphic analyses

Stratigraphic analyses include the description of sedimentary layers following the basic principles of lithostratigraphy. Characterizations are based on sedimentological criteria (color, grain-size, texture, sorting, compaction, sedimentary structures, thickness, etc.), distribution/orientation patterns, and stratigraphic contacts.

  • Soil Micromorphological analyses

Archaeological soil micromorphological analyses offer the most detailed way to solve questions related to the processes involved in the formation of the archaeological record. This technique allows for a high-resolution recognition of sedimentary components and formation agents at a microscopic scale through the observation of intact deposits in petrographic thin sections.

The service is available for Prehistoric contexts and other chronologies of human history as well as analysis of soils and sedimentary deposits in related fields, such as Soil Science, Agronomy and Geology.


The service offers:

  • Fieldwork sampling for micromorphological blocks;
  • Thin section production (through agreements with specialized manufacturers);
  • Thin section analyses with presentation of results in a technical report and photomicrographs relevant for interpretations.



  • Vera Aldeias
  • Carlos Duarte


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