Lithic technology, use-wear and raw materials sourcing of Muge shellmiddens – new paper in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

A new paper by a group of ICArEHB researchers, headed by Dr. Eduardo Paixão, just came out in the Journal Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences. Using lithic materials from one of the largest Mesolithic shellmounds in Europe - Cabeço da Amoreira (Muge) - the paper addresses several aspects related to raw material sourcing, technological dynamics and use-wear patterns occuring at c. 7.5 thousands years ago while the last groups of hunter-gatherers occupied the Muge valley. The authors state that the results are an important step on understanding resource exploitation, technological systems and site function at this specific shellmound, and provides new oportunities to further comparisons with other sites of the same chronology in Muge and elsewhere.
The full paper can be found HERE
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