ICArEHB Dialogues ‘Origins of Stone Tool Use’, will take place Friday 18th of June at 4pm (Faro time) in videoconference, with David Braun and João Marreiros, and will be convened by João Cascalheira.


David Braun is a paleoanthropologist interested in the evolution of human behavior. He directs field research in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and is engaged in archaeological projects in Mozambique, Guinea and Thailand. He is a Professor of Anthropology at George Washington University and has previously held positions at the University of Cape Town, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and Oxford University. His research focuses on the evolutionary consequences of tool use for the past 3 million years. This includes a comparative framework across modern peoples and primates. He is currently engaged in projects that involve the origin of tool use in Kenya and Ethiopia, the impact of pyrotechnology on the evolutionary history of humans in South Africa and Kenya, and the ecological consequences of different subsistence changes in past humans populations. He has published over 80 peer reviewed articles and several edited volumes.

João Marreiros is an archaeologist interested in the evolution of past hominins tool use. His research focuses on the evolution of past human technologies, with special interest on the study of stone tool production and use. Focused on ancient technology, his research aims to address questions such as why, how and what for past humans changed their technological repertoire? and, what can this tell us about human behavioral adaptations and social/cultural interactions through time. His research combines projects dedicated to experimental replication of stone tool use and the study of Middle and Upper Palaeolithic assemblages. He also involved on field research in Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Israel and Armenia. João is a lecturer at the University of Évora, the Research Group Leader of the Laboratory for Traceology and Controlled Experiments (TraCEr) at MONREPOS, Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution – RGZM (Germany) and associated researcher at the ICArEHB, University of Algarve.

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