ICArEHB gets 500 thousand euros for two new projects on the Middle-Upper Paleolithic of Algarve and the Muge shellmiddens

In the context of the latest FCT call for R&D projects, ICArHEB has seen two applications funded, with an eligible investment of around 500 thousand euros. Both projects were funded within Algarve Operational Program.
The project "Origins and Evolution of Human Cognition and the Impact of Coastal Ecology on the Iberian SW" will investigate the emergence and development of human cognition during the disappearance of the last Neanderthals and the emergence of the first Anatomically Modern Humans in southwestern Europe, Algarve, as well as to assess the impact that changes in coastal ecology, including sea level and the location of coastlines, may have had at this particular moment of the human past. The project, coordinated by the Dr. Nuno Bicho and Dr. João Cascalheira, is based on the excavation of archaeological deposits of the Middle Paleolithic of the caves of Companheira and Ibn Ammar (Rio Arade), and the Upper Paleolithic rockshelter of Vale Boi, near Sagres.
The research project entitled "MugePortal - Concheiros de Muge: A new portal for the last hunter-gatherers of the Tagus Valley", coordinated by the Dr. Célia Gonçalves and Dr. Cláudia Umbelino, focuses on the requalification and valorization of the archaeological and paleoanthropological heritage of the Muge mesolithic complex, classified as a National Monument since 2011. The action strategy involves a multidisciplinary and innovative approach with the development of cybernetic infrastructures and e-science initiatives that will allow the creation of an online archaeological database (MugeData); and a pilot project for an exhibition on the Muge Shellmiddens based on augmented and virtual reality technologies. The work will be carried out by a research team featuring ICArEHB researchers and researchers from the Institute of Engineering (ISE) of UAlg, and the Life Sciences Department of the University of Coimbra. It will also include six new members who will be hired under this funding to develop research activities directly related to the project.
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