New positions and fellowships available

Three new post-doctoral associate research positions are now open at ICArEHB.

Two of these positions are in the general field of geoarchaeological methods (including archaeological stratigraphy, soil micromorphology and/or geochemical and mineralogical identification techniques) applied to Middle and Upper Paleolithic archaeological contexts. The positions are open in the context two recently FCT funded projects “The origins and evolution of Human Cognition and the impact of Southwestern European coastal ecology” and  “Fire among Anatomically Modern Humans and Neandertals as revealed from Archaeological Microstratigraphic Evidence (FLAME)”, led by Dr. Nuno Bicho and Dr. Vera Aldeias, respectively.

The third position is open in the field of Marine, Earth and Environmental Sciences within the project “InMoz – Quaternary environmental changes in Inhambane, Southeastern Mozambique, and their role in human evolution” funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal), led by Dr. Ana Gomes, and the successful candidate will apply biogeochemical methods (microfossil analysis, sedimentology and geochemistry) to investigate paleoenvironmental changes recorded in interdunal lake deposits.

Additionally, one Ph.D. scholarship is also available within the project FLAME to explore pyrotechnology in Middle and Upper Paleolithic contexts. To do so, the successful candidate will focus on: 1) experimental work with anthropogenic sediments related to combustion; and 2) reconstruction of site formation processes in specific archaeological contexts.

More info on these calls can be found here.

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