Maria João Fernandes Martins

Assistant Researcher

Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour (ICArEHB)
Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais
Universidade do Algarve
Campus de Gambelas
8005-139 Faro

  (+351) 289 800 988


Research Interests

  • Ostracod species and their ecology
  • Evolution
  • Paleobiology
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstructions

Short Bio

Maria João Fernandes Martins received her Ph.D. in Biology (Ecology) from Universidade de Lisboa in 2010 and Licenciatura in Biology from Universidade de Évora. She is an evolutionary biologist with broad research interests, ranging from sexual selection and reproductive strategies as drivers of micro- and macroevolutionary processes to ecology and taxonomy of living and fossil Ostracoda to the use of ostracods from sediments as proxies for paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Her work at ICArEHB will focus on paleoenvironmental changes on the Mozambican coast and how environmental changes impacted and were driven by human behavior.

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Key Publications

• 2019 Martins, M.J.F. Adult sex-ratio in ostracods and its implications for sexual selection. Invertebrate Reproduction & Development. DOI:10.1080/07924259.2019.1592789

• 2018 Martins M.J.F.*, T.M. Puckett, R. Lockwood, J.P. Swaddle, G. Hunt*. High male sexual investment as a driver of extinction in fossil ostracodes. Nature. 556: 366–369. Doi:10.1038/s41586-018-0020-7 * authors contributed equally

• 2017 Martins M.J.F., G. Hunt, R. Lockwood, J.P. Swaddle, D.J. Horne. Correlation between investment in sexual traits and valve sexual dimorphism in Cyprideis spp. (Ostracoda). Plos One. 12: e 0177791.

• 2017 Hunt G., M.J.F. Martins, T.M. Puckett, R. Lockwood, J.P. Swaddle, J Stedman. Sexual dimorphism and sexual selection in cytheroidean ostracodes from the Late Cretaceous of the US Coastal Plain. Palaeobiology. 43: 620-641.

• 2013 Martins, M.J.F., C.F. Mota, G.A. Pearson. Sex-biased gene expression in the brown alga Fucus vesiculosus. BMC Genomics. 14: 294.

• 2013 Schmit, O., N.S. Bode, A. Camacho, D.J. Horne, D.K. Lamatsch, K. Martens, M.J.F. Martins, T. Namiotko, G. Rossetti, J. Rueda-Sevilla, I. Schön, J. Vandekerkhove, F. Mesquita-Joanes. Linking present environment and the segregation of reproductive modes (geographical parthenogenesis) in Eucypris virens (Crustacea: Ostracoda). Journal of Biogeography. 40: 2396-2408.

• 2010 Azerêdo A.C., M.C. Cabral, M.J.F. Martins, I.M. Loureiro, N. Inês. Estudo estratigráfico dum novo afloramento da Formação de Cabaços (Oxfordiano) na região da Serra do Bouro (Caldas da Rainha). Comunicações Geológicas. t. 97: 05-22.

• 2010 Martins, M.J.F., T. Namiotko, M.C. Cabral, F. Fatela, M.J. Boavida. Contribution to the knowledge of the freshwater Ostracoda fauna in continental Portugal, with an updated checklist of Recent and Quaternary species. Journal of Limnology. 69: 160-173.

• 2008 Martins, M.J.F., J. Vandekerkhove, T. Namiotko. Environmental stability and the distribution of the sexes: insights from life history experiments with the geographic parthenogen Eucypris virens (Crustacea: Ostracoda). Oikos. 117: 829-836.

• 2008 Namiotko T., M.J.F. Martins. Sex ratio of subfossil Ostracoda from deep lake habitats in Northern Poland. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 264: 330–337.


• 2017 – 2018 Post-doctoral Fellow of the project: Did sexual selection hinder survival of ostracode species through the K/Pg mass extinction? Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Studies Award. PI: Gene Hunt, Smithsonian Institution, US

• 2014 – 2017 Post-doctoral Fellow of the project: Does Sexual Selection Promote Speciation and Extinction? A Test Using the Fossil Record of Ostracodes. NSF EAR-1424906. PI: Rowan Lockwood, College of William & Mary, US; co-PI: Gene Hunt, Smithsonian Institution, US

• 2014 – 2015 Post-doctoral Fellow of the project: Does Sexual Selection Promote Speciation and Extinction? A Test Using the Fossil Record of Ostracodes. Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Studies Award. PI: Gene Hunt, Smithsonian Institution, US

• 2013 – 2016 Member of the project: Extant or extinct tipping points – climate changes drive genetic diversity and dynamics of range edge populations as evolutionary hotspots (EXTANT). EXCL/AAG-GLO/0661/2012. PI: Ester Serrão, Centro de Ciências do Mar, PT

• 2010 – 2013 Member of the project: Drivers of coexistence of sympatric species with incomplete reproductive isolation: testing roles of hybridization barriers in marine broadcast spawners (HYBRID). PTDC/MAR/108105/2008. PI: Gareth Pearson, Centro de Ciências do Mar, PT

• 2009 – 2010 Technician Fellow of the project: Episódios singulares e limites estatigráficos: pesquisa de registos de alta-resolução no Jurássico da Bacia Lusitânica (Portugal). PDCTE/CTA/44907/2002. PI: Ana C. Azerêdo, Universidade de Lisboa, PT

• 2005 – 2008 Marie Curie Fellow (Ph.D.) in the project: From Sex to Asex: a case study on interactions between sexual and asexual reproduction (SexAsex). MRTN-CT-512492 (7 partners).

• 2005 – 2008 Collaboration in the project: Microecology and Littoral Dynamics: definition of multi-proxies applicable to Quaternary palaeogeographical and palaeoclimatic reconstruction (MicroDyn). POCTI/CTA/45185/2002. PI: Francisco Fatela, Universidade de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciências, PT.