Katarina Almeida-Warren

Associated Researcher

Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab
School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography
University of Oxford
64 Banbury Road
United Kingdom


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7634-9466

Twitter: @KatarinaWarren

Research Interests

  • Primate archaeology
  • Primate tool use
  • Primate culture
  • Ethoarchaeology
  • Archaeology of human origins
  • Agent-based modelling

Short Bio

I am a final year doctoral student with a background in archaeology, primatology, and anthropology. My research focuses on the archaeology of non-human primates, and how it can elucidate our understanding of the behaviours of our earliest ancestors.

My doctoral project focuses on landscape-scale patterns of chimpanzee stone tool use in Guinea, using archaeological methods to investigate the ecological parameters that are driving the selection and re-use of specific locations by chimpanzees for nut-cracking activities. With this information I am developing an interactive model to help reconstruct early hominin landscape use and resource exploitation patterns.

Through my MSc and ongoing collaborations, I am also involved in archaeological research of chimpanzee termite-fishing in Tanzania, which is contributing towards our knowledge of perishable technology and its relevance to human evolution and our technological origins.

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Key Publications

  • Pascual-Garrido, A., Almeida-Warren, K. (in press) Group-specific use of raw material for termite fishing tools by Tanzanian chimpanzees: Ecological constraints and cultural variants. Current Anthropology: Major article with commentaries
  • Almeida-Warren, K., Braun, D. R., Carvalho, S. (2021) The DistoX2: A methodological solution to archaeological mapping in poorly accessible environments. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 35:102688. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jasrep.2020.102688
  • Almeida-Warren, K., Sommer, V., Piel, A. and Pascual-Garrido, A. (2017) Raw material procurement for termite fishing tools by wild chimpanzees in the Issa valley, western Tanzania. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 164:292-304. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajpa.23269
  • Carvalho, S., Almeida-Warren, K. (2019) Primate Archaeology. Encyclopaedia of Animal Behaviour, 2nd Ed. Academic Press. https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-809633-8.90156-0Media/Outreach2020 – World Chimpanzee Day video series collaborator: script writing, media contributions and narration (Video 4 – Local Researchers; Video 5 – Chimpanzee Technology). Full series on YouTube: tiny.cc/WCDayVideos2020 – Associate producer: Mam, K. & Kormos, R. (2020) Cries of Our Ancestors. Documentary premiered at the DC Environmental Film Festival. March 12-22, 2020. https://dceff.org/film/cries-of-our-ancestors/Research


2016 – present: The ecology of chimpanzee technology: a comparative approach for modelling hominin landscape-use (PhD project; funded by FCT [SFRH/BD/115085/2016], and National Geographic [EC-399R-18])