“Genomic variation in baboons from central Mozambique unveils complex evolutionary relationships with other Papio species”

New article published by Cindy Santander, Ludovica Molinaro, (…), Vera Aldeias, (…), René Bobe, (…), Frederico Tátá Regala, (…), Susana Carvalho & Cristian Capelli, in BMC Ecology and Evolution .

Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique hosts a large population of baboons, numbering over 200 troops. Gorongosa baboons have been tentatively identified as part of Papio ursinus on the basis of previous limited morphological analysis and a handful of mitochondrial DNA sequences. However, a recent morphological and morphometric analysis of Gorongosa baboons pinpointed the occurrence of several traits intermediate between P. ursinus and P. cynocephalus, leaving open the possibility of past and/or ongoing gene flow in the baboon population of Gorongosa National Park. In order to investigate the evolutionary history of baboons in Gorongosa, we generated high and low coverage whole genome sequence data of Gorongosa baboons and compared it to available Papio genomes.

More info: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12862-022-01999-7


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