Grace Ellis

Doctoral Student

Andrew G. Clark Bldg, 301
University Ave #219
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Research Interests

I am interested in landscape archaeology and understanding human-environment interactions through spatial analysis. In my research, I use geospatial methods, including GIS and LiDAR, to identify and document anthropogenic landscape features and artifact distributions. I analyze the geospatial patterning and distribution of these data to gain insight into formation processes, land use practices, and social organization in the past. My research is geographically focused on Portugal and the Brazilian Amazon.

Short Bio

I received my M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Louisville in 2019. I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Anthropology at Colorado State University. I have been involved in multiple interdisciplinary research projects since 2015 that have integrated methods and concepts from archaeology, geography, ecology, remote sensing, and data management. My dissertation will focus on the application of voxels within an archaeological context and how best to process, analyze, and interpret four-dimensional datasets to answer fundamental anthropological questions.

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Key Publications

• Haws, Jonathan A., Michael M. Benedetti, Sahra Talamo, Nuno Bicho, João Cascalheira, M. Grace Ellis, Milena M. Carvalho, Lukas Friedl, Telmo Pereira, and Brandon K. Zinsious. 2020. “The early Aurignacian dispersal of modern humans into westernmost Eurasia.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. September, 202016062.

• Haws, Jonathan, Michael Benedetti, Milena Carvalho, Grace Ellis, Telmo Pereira, João Cascalheira, Nuno Bicho, Lukas Friedl. 2020. “Human adaptive responses to climate and environmental change during the Gravettian of Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal).” Quaternary International, August.

Ellis, Grace. 2020. “Cultural Forests of Amazonia: A Historical Ecological Analysis of Forest Management in Amazonia.” Furthering Perspectives, (9).

• Kolarik, N., M. G. Ellis, A. E. Gaughan and F. R. Stevens. 2019. “Seasonal Differences in Tree Crown Delineation Using Multispectral UAS Data and Structure from Motion.” Remote Sensing Letters 10 (9).

• Haws, J. A., M. M. Benedetti, J. M. Cascalheira, N. F. Bicho, M. C. Carvalho, B. K. Zinsious, M. G. Ellis and L. Friedl. 2019. “Human occupation during the Late Pleniglacial at Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal).” In Human Adaptations to the Last Glacial Maximum: the Solutrean and its Neighbors, edited by Isabell Schmidt, João Cascalheira, Nuno Bicho and Gerd-Christian Weniger. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.