Darren Fa

Associated researcher 

University of Gibraltar
Europa Point Campus
GX11 1AA

  (00350) 56001915

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5900-9814

Research Interests

• Palaeoecology and human evolution, especially linked to the exctinction of the Neanderthals.
• Relationship between prehistoric humans and the environment, particularly the sea and use of marine resources.
• Extinction Processes, Conservation and Ecology of Endangered Species.

Short Bio

• September 1999 – July 2014: Education, Research & Survey Officer at the Gibraltar Museum.
• August 2001 – July 2014: Co-Director of the Underwater Research Unit (URU) Gibraltar Museum.
• September 2004 – July 2014: Deputy Director of the Gibraltar Museum.
• August 2014 – Present: Director of Academic Programmes and Research at the University of Gibraltar.

• ResearchGate Score: 30.83
• Registered European Commission Expert (Id: EX2014D194355) on Environment and Higher Education.
• Elected Fellow of the Linnean Society of London (FLS).
• Member of the Gibraltar Government’s UNESCO World Heritage Working Group.
• Scientific Diver.
• Nautical Archaeological Society Instructor.
• Well-versed in Statistics.

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Key Publications

• Fa, D.A., Finlayson, J.C., Finlayson, G., Giles Pacheco, F., Rodríguez-Vidal, J. and Gutíerrez López, J.M. (2016). Marine Mollusc exploitation as evidenced by the Gorham’s Cave (Gibraltar) excavations 1998-2005: the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic Transition. Quaternary International, 407 (Part B): 16-28.  Link

• Rodríguez-Vidal, J., d’Errico, F., Giles Pacheco, F., Blasco, R., Rodell, J., Jennings, R.P., Queffelec, A., Finlayson, G., Fa, D.A., Gutíerrez López, J.M., Carrión, J.S., Negro, J.J., Finlayson, S., Cáceres, L.M., Bernal, M.A., Fernández Jimenez, S and Finlayson, C. (2014). A rock engraving made by Neanderthals in Gibraltar. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.  Link

• Shipton, C., Clarkson, C., Bernal, M.A., Boivin, N., Finlayson, C., Finlayson, G., Fa, D., Giles Pacheco, F. and Petraglia, M. (2013). Variation in Lithic Technological Strategies among the Neanderthals of Gibraltar. PLoS ONE, 8(6): e65185.  Link

• Rodríguez-Vidal, J., Finlayson, G., Finlayson, C., Negro, J.J., Cáceres, L.M., Fa, D.A. and Carrión, J.S. (2013). Undrowning a lost world – the Marine Isotope Stage 3 landscape of Gibraltar. Geomorphology, 203: 105-114.  Link

• Fa, D.A., Finlayson, C., Finlayson, G., Gutierrez, J.M., Giles Pacheco, F. and Rodriguez-Vidal, J. (2012). An overview of over thirty millennia of marine mollusc exploitation at Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. Actas del III Reunión Científica De Arqueomalacología De La Península Ibérica, p. 33.

• Jiménez-Espejo, F.J., Rodríguez-Vidal, J., Finlayson, C., Martínez-Ruiz, F., Carrión J.S., García-Alix, A., Paytan, A., Giles Pacheco, F., Fa, D.A., Finlayson, G., Cortés-Sánchez, M., Rodrigo Gámiz, M., González-Donoso, J.M., Linares, M.D., Cáceres, L.M., Fernández, S., Iijima, K. and Martínez Aguirre, A. (2012). Environmental conditions and geomorphologic changes during the Middle-Upper Paleolithic in the southern Iberian Peninsula. Geomorphology, 180-181: 205-216. 1  Link

• Finlayson, C., Brown, K., Blasco, R., Rosell, J., Negro, J.J., Bortolotti, G.R., Finlayson, G., Sánchez Marco, A., Giles Pacheco, F., Rodríguez Vidal, J., Carrión, J.S., Fa, D.A. and Rodríguez Llanes, J.M.  (2012). Birds of a Feather: Neanderthal Exploitation of Raptors and Corvids. PLoS ONE 7(9): e45927.  Link

• Cortés-Sánchez, M., Morales-Muñiz, A., Simón-Vallejo M.D., Lozano-Francisco, M.C., Vera-Peláez, J.L., Finlayson, C., Rodríguez-Vidal7, J., Delgado-Huertas, A., Jiménez-Espejo, F.J., Martínez-Ruiz, F., Martínez-Aguirre, M.A., Pascual-Granged, A.J., Bergadà-Zapata, M.M., Gibaja-Bao, J.F., Riquelme-Cantal, J.A., López-Sáez J.A., Rodrigo-Gámiz, M.,  Sakai, S., Sugisaki, S., Finlayson, G., Fa, D.A. and Bicho, N.F. (2011). Earliest Known Use of Marine Resources by Neanderthals. PLoS ONE 6(9):e24026.  Link

• Finlayson, C., Monclova, A., Carrión, J.S., Fa, D.A., Finlayson, G., Rodríguez-Vidal, J., Fierro, E., Fernández, S., Bernal-Gómez, M. and Giles-Pacheco, F. (2011). Ecological transitions – but for whom? A perspective from the Pleistocene. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 329-330: 1-9.  Link

• Rodríguez-Vidal, J., Cáceres, L.M., Abad, M., Ruiz, F., González-Regalado, M.L. Finlayson, C., Finlayson, G., Fa, D.A., Rodríguez-Llanes, J.M. and Bailey, G. (2011). The recorded evidence of AD 1755 Atlantic tsunami on the Gibraltar coast.  Journal of Iberian Geology, 37(2): 177-193.

• Riquelme Cantal, J.A., Finlayson, C., Giles Pacheco, F., Rodríguez Vidal, J., Finlayson, G., Santiago, A. and Fa, D.A. (2011). La fauna de mamíferos solutrense de Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. In J.J. Fernández Caro and R. Baena Escudero (eds.), Arqueología, Paleontología y Geomorfología del Cuaternario en España: X aniversario del Seminario Francisco Sousa (La Rinconada, Sevilla), pp. 161–178. ISBN 978-84-694-3625-7

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• Gibraltar Caves Project (ongoing).
• Splashcos (Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Landscapes of the Continental Shelf) 2009-2013.
• Was a Principal Investigator of a NERC-funded EFCHED project (GIBRAMAR), which involved collaborations between the Gibraltar Museum, York University and Southampton University’s National Oceanography Centre, aimed at researching the undersea landscapes.