Cláudia Costa

Assistant Researcher

Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour (ICArEHB)
Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais
Universidade do Algarve
Campus de Gambelas
8005-139 Faro

  (+351) 289 800 900

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2715-1154

Research Interests

  • Zooarchaeology and Archaeology from complex societies (Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age)
  • Animal (Mammals and Birds) interaction with humans
  • Taphonomy
  • Archaeology of death

Short Bio

Degree in History Archaeology at Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon. Masters in Archaeology speciality of Methods and Theory at the University of Algarve. PhD in Archaeology with a thesis on zooarchaeology and taphonomy. My speciality is human interaction with animals throught zooarchaeological analysis.

Key Publications

• Costa, C., Bettencourt, A.M.S. and Senra, M. (2019). The symbolic meaning of Cattle and Sheep/Goat in the Bronze Age: faunal inclusions in funerary contexts of South‐Western Iberia. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. Link

• Senra, M., Costa, C., Bettencourt, A., Baptista, L. and Gomes, S. (2019). Faunal Remains from Torre Velha 12 (Serpa, Beja, Southwest of Portugal): Relationship between Animals and Bronze Age Communities. Heritage 2: 216-229. Link

• Gonçalves, C., Cascalheira, J., Costa, C., Bárbara, S., Matias, R. and Bicho, N. (2018). Detecting single events in large shell mounds: A GIS approach to Cabeço da Amoreira, Muge, Central Portugal. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 18:1000-1010. Link

• Valera, A. C., Simão, I., Nunes, T., Pereiro, T. and Costa, C. (2017). Neolithic ditched enclosures in Southern Portugal (4th millennium BC): new data and new perspectives. Estudos do Quaternário, 17: 57-76. Link

• Costa, C. (2016). The use of animal bone as fuel in the 3rd millennium BC walled enclosure of Castanheiro do Vento (Northern Portugal). International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 26: 877-884. Link

• Costa, C., Carvalho, S., Gonçalves, C., Valera, A.C. and Bicho, N. (2015). ICArEHB – Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior. A new center for research in Portugal. Cadernos do GEEvH, 4(1): 60-71. Link

• Silva, A.M., Leandro, I., Pereira, D., Costa, C. and Valera, A.C. (2015). Collective secondary cremation in a Pit Grave: a unique funerary context in Portuguese Chalcolithic burial practices. Homo Journal of comparative human biology 66(1): 1-14. Link

• Costa, C. and Baptista, L. (2014). The inclusion of faunal remains in Bronze Age funerary practices in Southern Portugal. Montinhos 6 -a case study. In C. Detry and R. Dias (eds), Proceedings of the First Zooarchaeology Conference in Portugal. BAR International Series S2662. Oxford: BAR, pp. 33-46. Link

• Valera, V. and Costa, C. (2013). Animal limbs in funerary contexts in southern Portugal and the question of segmentation. Anthropozoologica, 48(2): 263-275. Link